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There is a one time $300.00 cost for the unique radio frequency transmitter.

Then there is annual cost (paid in advance) of $120 [which provides you with 12 batteries (enough for one year), 12 wristbands and 12 snaps].

In total, the first year cost is $420.00 and each year thereafter is $120.00.

At this time we accept Checks (made payable to Project Lifesaver WNY), Cash and Money Orders.

Please note: It is our goal to provide this service to everyone with a propensity to wander (no matter their ability to pay). However, we are a not-for-profit organization and at this time have no “scholarship” money available to provide this equipment for free or at reduced rates. Should Project Lifesaver WNY secure such funding, we will accommodate requests on a “need” basis.

(The above costs are 2010 costs. While Project Lifesaver WNY does not anticipate any cost increases, our rates are subject to Project Lifesaver International costs and therefore subject to change.)