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Question: For $300.00 do I own the transmitter?

Answer: Yes

Question: If I move out of the area can I take the transmitter with me?

Answer: Yes. The transmitter frequency range is universal throughout the Project Lifesaver service area which covers 45 states, Canada and Australia.

Question: What happens if the transmitter is damaged or breaks?

Answer: If the transmitter is damaged or broken, you are ultimately responsible. However, if the transmitter breaks through no fault of your own, Project Lifesaver International will make every effort to provide a replacement at no charge (or minimal charge).

Question: Can you explain the $120.00 annual fee?

Answer: Yes. Each transmitter runs on a battery. With the battery installed, the transmitter emits an inaudible “chirp”, every second, 24 hours per day for a one month period. After the one month period the battery must be changed. The $120.00 annual fee covers the cost and installation of 12 batteries (each battery is good for 30 days), 12 wristbands (also good for 30 days) and 12 snaps (which secure the wristband and transmitter to your love one).

Question: Instead of pre-paying the $120.00 “up-front” each year, can I pay $10.00 per month instead?

Answer: No. The equipment is shipped in quantities of 12 to Project Lifesaver WNY and we must pay for it in advance.

Question: Can a loved one live alone and still participate in the program?

Answer: No, this program is for individuals with a full time caregiver only. The success of this program is a direct result of immediate response by law enforcement. To have someone participate in the program that is only checked on once or twice a day, defeats that purpose.

Question: What happens if for some reason we choose to no longer participate in the Project Lifesaver WNY program and I still have a few months supply of batteries and/or straps?

Answer: We would hope that you choose to donate the remaining equipment back to Project Lifesaver WNY; however, it is ultimately your equipment to do with as you wish.

Question: Can I see the equipment prior to ordering?

Answer: Absolutely. We want to you to be 100% comfortable with the equipment and the process. We would be more than willing to arrange face-to-face meeting so that you can see the equipment.

Question: I want to enroll my loved one. What is the next step?

Answer: Provided your loved one is eligible, you would complete an “Intake” form, which we can e-mail (or mail) to you. Upon receipt of the “Intake” form and payment, Project Lifesaver WNY will order your unique radio frequency transmitter and register it with the appropriate law enforcement agencies. We will then schedule a time to meet with you and your loved one and attach the electronic bracelet. After that, the battery will be changed monthly by an authorized Project Lifesaver WNY / law enforcement agency authorized representative. This step is mandatory for participation in the program.